Maria Dunlop, PT, CMTPT is a resident of downtown Indianapolis and started Advanced Muscle Recovery Physical Therapy to focus her practice on advanced dry needling techniques. She treats patients with headaches, TMJ dysfunction, post-surgical pain, postural/back pain, chronic pain, and general orthopedically-based injuries, particularly athletes with running injuries.

Maria enjoys providing quality care to the community and is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association including the Indiana chapter as well as the sports medicine section. It is through this involvement that Maria continues to advance her skills when treating patients.

Maria has gone through extensive training to be annually certified by Myopain Seminars, studying under the direct supervision of Dr. Jan Dommerholt, DPT, a Dutch trained therapist who is largely responsible for bringing dry needling to the profession of physical therapy in the United States. Dr. Dommerholt is an internationally recognized expert in the field of dry needling and Maria is honored to learn directly from him. It is through continued involvement with Dr. Dommerholt that Maria continues to advance her skills using dry needling techniques.

Maria enjoys volunteering her knowledge, skills, and passion through health-based mission trips to Vietnam, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Thailand.

Special Credentials:

  • Certified in Advanced Dry Needling
  • ASTYM Certified
  • Running Specialist Certified
  • BLS/CPR (Basic Life Support)

Professional Organizations

  • National American Physical Therapy Association
  • APTA Indiana Chapter, including sectors of orthopedics, sports rehab, geriatric, and private practice
  • American Academy of Pain Medicine
  • Cash Based Private Practice Group by Simon Associates of Law

Enhancing quality of life, one patient at a time.

– Maria Dunlop, PT, CMTPT

Physical Therapy Services


Maria Dunlop has advanced post graduate training in many manual medicine techniques including myofascial and craniosacral therapy, joint mobilization, taping strategies, ASTYM certification, posture retraining and dry needling. Movement reeducation and return to sport and daily life activities are a focus of every session.

Dry Needling

Dry needling can be used for a variety of musculoskeletal problems. Muscles are thought to be a primary contributing factor to the symptoms. Such conditions include neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Sports Recovery

Whatever your passion, Maria can help you get back on track to playing your best.

Endurance Training

There's more to running than just having proper shoes. There's actually a whole science dedicated to it and Maria offers a comprehensive approach analyzing movement patterns throughout your whole body.

What Patients Say

It's easy to say we're the best. Letting others say it for us is better.

Denise Lee


"I cannot say enough good about the care she has provided for me. Her expertise in PT and specifically dry needling have helped me rehab from a car accident that resulted in continuing muscle spasms and pain in my left shoulder and arm, after intensive PT and rehab. Dry needling was recommended to alleviate the continuing issues. Maria was the answer! The process does cause discomfort but the results have been excellent. I was so pleased with the results that we proceeded to treatment of a lingering groin pain that I have been has very resistant to PT. Again, Maria’s expertise and knowledge have been very effective in managing this pain. It is refreshing to work with another provider who wants only the best for her clients. I cannot say enough about her excellent care and professional knowledge. I am so thankful to Maria for the improvements in my comfort and quality of life. She is a great PT."

Beth Napier


“I suffer from chronic neck pain, with DDD of C5-C7. I have been to numerous therapists over the years.

Maria is the only therapist to immediately know exactly what treatment I needed. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable.

Her dry needling specialty is outstanding and has helped me have less pain, better sleep and overall improved quality of life.”

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